Knowledge is power

The majority of the technological innovations in the bicycle culture and industry have been developed in the western world, while the knowledge, the engineering and the manufacturing itself of most parts, as well as the manipulation and crafting of Carbon Fiber, are technologies mostly exclusive from Asia. 


We started Maskinen Bikes to deliver the best overall value in Top-of-the-line, Custom-built, Fat-tires carbon bicycles; customized for every single customer and delivered to their doorstep. We sell our bikes directly to the user at his/her requirements and specifications. We built solid bikes that get the job done, and we use only world-class frame suppliers to ensure our bikes have the right foundation. 


We have chosen the right material, geometry, features, and elements when selecting the top-quality frames we use on our high-end bikes. Since the Asian factories are producing everyone's frames, they are completely aware of which ones break or have problems; as these are the ones returned to them for warranty replacement. By taking all the best aspects of each frame produced, and rolling all those features into their own, the open-mold-design shared among the main Asian factories, yields the integrity for the best quality frame available. 


Knowledge is power. The result of this feedback is an immense amount of very valuable knowledge; the knowledge of which frame design and carbon fiber layup schedule are superior in terms of strenght, durability and weight, and this knowledge is what creates the outstanding frames we use on our bikes. All tests surpass the EU standards and SGS/CN/EN testing.


More knowledge is more power. By selling direct, we are also able to get and collect quicker and more accurate feedback on our products at all times. Not only do we put the best quality components on our bikes in the places you immediately notice, like wheels, breaks, fork, or derailleurs, but we also use high-quality parts in the not-so-noticeable areas like the chain, handlebars, stem, bearings, bottom bracket, saddle. You'll notice the difference down the trail. We sell bikes the way we want to buy them... at the best possible price and lowest weight, with the components and parts we want on it, and perfectly tailored for our actual body dimensions and riding style. All our bikes are custom ordered with the frame size, crank size, gearing, brakes type and rotors size, tires, all suited just for your riding requirements. Hand-built in Denmark, by a Maskinen technician.


We truly do aim for perfection, the optimum designs, materials, technologies, developments and innovations. Not only are the Carbon Technology Frames on our bikes top quality, but so are the components we use. We use top of the line forks, shocks, brakes, wheels, and drivetrains. We believe that knowledge is power, and so we work with manufacturers, listen to our customers and share information and experiences (and go biking), to ensure we can build the best quality bike available for you.


Our experienced technicians take great pride in each bike we built. For us, customer service and satisfaction goes side to side with our uncompromised commitment to performance.  





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