Rolling Thunder - BALL BEARING TECHNOLOGY. Zero friction or play, Less force needed to shift, Three rows of ball bearings, 120 ball bearings, Long-term performance under all weather conditions

Jaws - LOCK-ON GRIP TECHNOLOGY. Super secure, Shifter and grip connect into single unit, Easily assembled and removed, Grips included with shifters, Converts to work with any grip

Grip Shift by SRAM. 10-speed. Three rows of ball bearings for smooth shifting action. Full-metal shift indexing. Integrated lock-on grip design. Unrivaled.

sran xx 2x10

$3,919.00 Regular Price
$2,730.00Sale Price
gripshift sram xx -rear/right
gripshift sram xx -set
  • EXACT ACTUATION™ for precise and dependable 10-speed performance
    SPEED METAL™ shift indexing
    ROLLING THUNDER™ ball bearing technology
    JAWS™ lock-on grip technology
    Carbon cover
    Includes lock-on grips





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