As the cable pulls, the parallelogram links move horizontally rather than at an angle. It’s the offset location of the guide pulley that brings the chain up or down in the vertical plane. The massive P-knuckle houses SRAM’s Type II roller clutch mechanism. Technically, it’s just a very strong retention spring since there’s no on/off switch. Bikerumor

With its “horizontal parallelogram” design and pulley offset, X-HORIZON™ keeps the chain gap constant across all 11 gears, providing fast, precise shifts. By limiting all movement to the horizontal axis, this design is faster, reduces shift force and eliminates ghost shifting. ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology reduces bounce and chain slap. CAGE LOCK™ technology makes wheel removal and installation easier than ever before. Paired with the XX1 shifter, the X-HORIZON™ RD forms the backbone of X-ACTUATION™ technology for unbelievably smooth shifting action.

sram xx1 11spd

$372.00 Regular Price
$295.00Sale Price
  • Large upper pulley offset automatically adjusts chain gap
    X-HORIZON design reduces shift force and ghost shifting
    12-tooth X-SYNC™ pulley wheels
    TYPE 2.1 technologies: ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ and CAGE LOCK™
    New silent pulley tooth design





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