Niall Waters-001

Revolvek 26x85



1) This agreement is between Niall Waters and Maskienen Bikes. The buyer, Niall Waters, is bound to fulfil his second payment, before the due date of 01/01/2016. By not fulfilling this agreement, the buyer looses the right to have the product delivered, which will remain in the possession and ownership of the seller. therefore, the buyer; in this case, will also have lost rights over his/hers first payment. 


2) By fulfilling this agreement, the buyer owns the right of ownership for the items, and Maskinen bikes is obliged to deliver them right away after receiving the second and last payment for their agreed value. None the less, Maskinen Bikes guarantees the delivery of the product to be between 5 to 7 weeks time. If Maskinen Bikes fail to deliver on time, then the buyer reserves the right to canceling his/her order if he/she finds it suitable.


3) Maskinen Bikes warranty and guarantees are applicable in full, since the moment the buyer receives his/her ordered item/s.


Maskinen Revolvek T700 carbon

Wheelset 26" x 85 mm

Grey/Red  logo

Black Chosen hubs

F/150  R/197

Actual item price: $1499

Promotional Rider discount: $ 975

$ 488

$ 487

First payment, 50% of total


Second payment, 50% of total

           Due in 45 days

Freehub body Shimano /extra

$ 43.75

Note: Bank transfer is optional.

Let us now if that is your choice





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