Why Direct sale



You get the best value possible: We give that value to you by providing you with a top-of-the-line full-carbon bike with components of the very best available performance and quality, tailored exclusively for you, handbuilt in Denmark and test-ridden by a Maskinen technician.



We sell direct because we are riders, not numbers: We customize each bike specifically and uniquely for each person, this ensures your bike will fit you as you need it to. This also allows us to get quicker and more accurate feedback on our products at all times, and to offer you more value and better quality. Nobody knows more about our bikes than we do. So, we are also always available for you before and after you have completed your purchase.

We believe in selling our bikes directly: You get the highest quality bike with the best components available for an unbeatable price because we ourselves conceive, produce, assemble and sell our bikes directly to you, allowing you to pay the lowest price possible for the bike you want.

Contact us at maskinenbikes@gmail.com


We’ll work with you personally to build


your Ultimate Riding Machine.

We can do this, not by producing a cheaper bike in bigger quantities and with lesser quality components, but rather by skipping the process where the price of your bike increases substantially twice before it can reach you.

We started selling direct because we care; for us, customer satisfaction and quality control are number one. Maskinen works with you personally to build your Ultimate Riding Machine and then sends it directly to you, the customer, anywhere in the world. We can, therefore, offer fully customized Maskinen bikes, built and set just for you, with the best components and at the best price.ts


Most dealers won't customize to the level that we require. We build our bikes ourselves, and we customize each of them specifically for each individual person. So here are the benefits to you:


  1. Better Quality control - we ensure quality by building our bikes ourselves

  2. Better fit for your bike -we are able to tailor the bike to your best fit

  3. Better value we pass on the distribution channel savings to you

  4. Better products - we get quicker and more accurate feedback on our products

Contact us at  info@maskinenbikes.com

We’ll work with you personally to build your Ultimate Riding Machine.





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