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Why Carbon Technology for our Bikes


Made of carbon crystals aligned in a long axis, Carbon Fiber is an exceptional material. These honeycomb shaped crystals organize themselves in long flattened ribbons. This crystal alignment makes the fiber strong. In turn, these ribbons align themselves within long fibers, and the fiber shape becomes the original shape of the material used to produce the Carbon Fiber at first place, making it even stronger.


A new breed of high-strength materials. Carbon fibers are used in composites with a lightweight matrix, and they are ideally suited to applications where strength, stiffness, lower weight, and outstanding fatigue characteristics are critical requirements.

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We’ll work with you personally to build your Ultimate Riding Machine.

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Maskinen bikes are conceived and built for you to enjoy the best ride on any terrain at any time. Once you ride a Maskinen carbon bike, pushing it to your limit, you understand why we love what we do. Yes, the bike is amazingly responsive, "is alive", and the power, quickness and impressive response that you feel when riding it, is real. 


The Human-Power-Transfer factor on our bikes is "life-changing", or should we actually say "ride changing". Nothing compares to it, aluminum won't make it, neither steel nor titanium would do. After you have ridden a Maskinen carbon bike, you will not want to ride anything else ever again. 


Our rims use High-Tensile Toray T700 carbon fiber from Japan for the majority of the lay-up, and our frameset High-Modulus T800. This gives the carbon frame, rims, and other carbon products a very high strength with sufficient stiffness to cope with hard applications. So, rather than use a stiffer, but more brittle carbon type, MASKINEN chooses durability and strength over ultimate stiffness.


Our Maskinen Bike-frames and parts actually use multiple layers of different types of carbon. Only the outer layer is made from a 3K/UD/12K weave. Underneath this layer are layers of Uni-Directional Fiber. A mixture of different angles to resemble a uniform material. Because carbon fiber can handle tension very well, it is critical to precisely mix up the layers to make the final product stiff and strong enough. When mixed correctly, the different angles interconnect through the resin to make it resistant to all kinds of forces.

It is this knowledge and understanding of how carbon fiber works, that makes our bikes so strong, durable and light.



Maskinen Prodigy, The Ultimate Riding Machine.

We custom built your dream bike. Versatile all year round... Fat tires, all season high performance bike.





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