obsession with excellence and optimum performance


Maskinen Bikes is a bicycle brand based in Denmark. We are passionate riders and knowledgeable technicians with an obsession with excellence and optimum performance. We build our bikes ourselves to the customer's specifications and deliver it anywhere in the world.


 We have been able to conceive and produce a machine that excels. We know exactly what we want from our bikes, and we make sure they perform the way we need them and want them to. 


Maskinen makes no compromises with regard to performance and innovative technology. 

We carefully and meticulously selected each element and feature, and we have intentionally picked the right materials, geometry and

angles, chainstay distance and overall appearance when choosing the top-quality frames we use to build our outstanding fat-tire bikes.    


Maskinen Bikes are built with performance in mind. Every single one of our bikes is built on a custom basis, optimized for high performance, lightweight and at the right price. We take our time, not only on each bike we build, but also with each of our customers. We do our homework when considering every single aspect of the whole to ensure the precise performance that makes of our bikes an exceptional machine. 


Innovation characterizes our bikes. We spent countless hours researching, conceiving, testing, refining, and testing again to ensure you are getting the very best technologies and quality. From durability to efficiency and ride quality, to beauty and visual style, nothing is overlooked. That is what makes our bikes such a great machine. 






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